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Screen-printing is media, which allows me to print multiple unique repetitive patterns. I enjoy the engagement process between the printing press and me. The process makes me feel confident and self-controlled. In other words, it is empowering me through the routine of repetitive movements, which are gradually turning into energy and rhythm.

Rabbits Prints
During Unit 3 I experimented a lot with varieties of rabbits prints. I did preparations, transferred hand-drawn sketches in digital, adjusted them, and then transferred at the silk-screen. I printed them on paper, canvases, I printed on top of oily surfaces. The patterns found through this process of exploration and extension was exciting. The result was always unpredictable, therefore embodied unique variations of rabbits.

Screen-printing workshop
The process of printing and 
results. Varieties of rabbits prints in the studio.

I paint with materials that I have on hand. An idea or a thought accidentally comes up and needed to be expressed promptly. I paint differently, sometimes very diluted, sometimes applying heavy layers. By using liquid paints I achieve transparency of layers, which are falling and erasing images from underneath layers. It might be reviewed as an accident, but I do it for a reason because it impacts the process flexibility and vibrations in time. It allows to depict the movement of time and a quick switch from the present into the past and see how the past impacts the future. So, that means that present traps, past leaving just cut memories and significant gestures. Therefore, this gesture symbolizes the tiniest invisible vibrations and affectation which affect me as a person. 

Working process in the studio

Paintings fragments 
mixed media

My studio is a factory for creating ideas and producing them.


Having extra space allows assembling organize, move things around and have a better look at what is happening.

Having the possibility to leave the work assembled for a couple of days and then coming back and reflect on it is excellent. The creative process seems never-ending. Exploring new arrangements has been so exciting and inspiring.

Working process in the studio 
Developing idea through process

There is a practice to share ideas and thought with colleges. Discourse behind a work helps to understand work clearly, to hear the different opinions of view. Also, to see if the idea is clear enough. Discussion helps to see work from a different angle. 

Critical reflections at the project space 

Project space 

Curating practice "Unfolding Identity"

The opportunity to use a project space for installing artworks and experimenting with ideas and their representation was helpful. At first, I looked around the place, felt the energy and unique vibrations between us. This process reminds me of flirting between unknown folks who attracted each other. I enjoy working with the place as one more tool. 

I brought my paintings and screen-prints into the space spread them around. I thought through the process. I hung the stretched painting on a wall behind that I installed screen-prints and drawings. The idea of a white wall seemed blinded and narrative. I wanted to disrupt the sterility of the white wall made it more natural and vibrant. I purposed to distract a viewer focus towards the painting, disturb the feeling of pleasure from it. 

I put the other one on the floor. I found myself exploring it within an object. I had been folding it again and again. I had an idea to deconstruct painting itself to destroy the sense of painting as a thing. Then, I moved forward, I engaged with the painting imagined it as a sexual act or a dance. I rolled up myself to the canvas like a rolled carpet. I felt stuck there but safe and warm. This feeling reminded me of comfort and stability that gives warmth and secureness, but the identical voice inside is annoyingly whispered to release. 

The purpose of deconstruction of painting is to show the process of folding and unfolding identity through the exciting erotic engagement between a human being and the painting. Folds like layers symbolized traps through time which no one can impact. It traps itself, but there is only one way to find my voice to keep going unfold identity through the process every day.