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Poisoned World

The artwork encapsulates a poignant moment from my personal experience in October 2021, marking a pivotal turning point amidst the pandemic's unexpected reality. It reflects the profound journey of finding oneself in an unfamiliar environment, far removed from the comfort of home and family. The piece delves into the inundation of bureaucratic challenges, navigating the complexities of communication barriers, grappling with diverse accents, and contending with the anxiety of expressing oneself over phone calls.

The struggle to articulate thoughts and needs is depicted through the laborious process of composing lengthy emails, each word meticulously chosen to convey clarity and satisfaction over small triumphs that, in ordinary circumstances, would be inconsequential. The narrative unfolds as an essential confrontation with the reality of solitude in a foreign country during lockdown, with the vastness of the city serving as a backdrop to a myriad of hopes, beliefs, and opportunities.

The artwork captures the subtle warmth found in routine, structuring an artistic reality amidst the chaos of everyday life. The repetitive pattern of a written statement serves as a subconscious mantra, providing a grounding element that supports balance within the composition. It functions as a foundation, allowing for a moment of respite and focus on the present, fostering self-awareness within the tumultuous reality.

A prominent aspect of the drawing draws attention to the boldly emphasised sign, "Sukkot Mesmerising World," serving as both an appeal and a dedication. It symbolises a connection to family, traditions, and culture, urging the viewer to nurture these elements with consistent care, attention, and love. This poignant inclusion emphasises the importance of preserving cultural roots as a source of strength and stability amid life's uncertainties.

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