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I Always See Stars Above My Head

I Always See Stars Above My Head," is a performance project created by "Quartz Collective" female and non-binary artists  from multidisciplinary practices. This project explores the emotions and narratives embedded within "Forgotten," an album by Luba Hilman created during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Central to that idea is a reflection of emotional depth and sexuality resonating across generations and evoking the psychic and modern societal pressure in the context of intimate relationships and mental health.


Our main objective is to demonstrate that the fields of music, dance, visual experience, installation, and body sculpture coexist as an ecosystem that carries the weight of art expression and conveys a journey of seeking care, acceptance, and healing. Through this interdisciplinary approach, we hope to undo the barriers between art forms and welcome a new perspective on artmaking and performance experiences.


Another main idea of the project is to explore the sustainability of art-making and sharing by engaging audiences through the creative process. The workshops will be an opportunity for us to introduce our creative process to people and to co-explore the healing power of art as a community. The workshops will be led by the core creative team, exploring movement, sounds, drawing and working with different materials used in the performance. All workshops will be designed to be accessible for people from all levels of experience.

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