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The War

The idea behind the project depicts a blooded background with three repetitive patterns of rabbits painted in black. I use rabbits as a symbolic representation of the complexities and contradictions of life. The black rabbits, with their repetitive pattern, suggest the fragility and insecurity of existence, emphasizing the difficulty of achieving a sense of safety or security. The lack of emotional expression in the rabbits creates a feeling of tension and emotional unavailability, suggesting the challenges of connecting with others and establishing trust. 


The blooded red background and sharpness of the bunny’s image evoke a sense of conflict between emotions and will, hinting at the struggle between our desires and the constraints of the world around us. The repetition of the rabbit motif creates an illusion of sexual masculine power, suggesting a hidden aggression or violence lurking beneath the surface. 


The artworks explores themes of trauma, grief and the search of safety and security in an uncertain world. The use of rabbits as a symbol adds depth and compelexity to these themes, highlighting the ways in which our emotions and experiences can be both fragile and powerful, and revealing the tension between our desire for safety and our need for growth and change. 

I can see the sun. It is warm and bright. Although, I feel dead. I am in an insecure place. I can feel the hole inside nothing is there, just the dark hole with no light and a bright future. Every shoot, every innocent death feels like blood coming out from my breast, and there is no end to this torture. I hate to be inactive; I feel like I am a disabled person with no right to move. I am paralyzed.


I am Russsian. I am Jewish. I am Ukrainian. I have got brothers, I have got a sister, I have got a mother. I have got a father. I have got grandparents, uncles, and aunts. I have got friends all over the world. My grand-grandparents was buried alive in Kherson. 


I am feeling crushed.

I am feeling raped.

I feel like I am dying in my own land.

There is no future.

There is no hope. 

Nevertheless, I still believe in light and humanity. 

I do believe in faith; it helps! 


This encourages me to keep up with life and do my work.

I believe people wake up from prolonged dreams to see the light. 

It hurts to see that the empire rotting away and keeps on consuming folks lives and souls. 

The destiny to hide freedom in coded messages to a new generation by telling the truth about the servile existence concealed by ephemeral wealth with glitter and scent of money.

Soho London, Performance 

Being Fragile Is Another Way To Be Strong

Graffiti project 

The graffiti project is a wordless self-reflection built on feelings of desperation, frustrations, anxiety, pain, anger and embarrassment as a reflection on the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The artwork gives the visual image of the result after relieving stiffed emotions out of a body towards the image of bunny depicting an alter-ego of an artist leaving the trail of the self presence.

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