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Animation "Rabbits love" is about a physical act of love, like the deceptive expectations and addiction from quick emotional attachments and deceptive feelings like treatment from massive pressure and suffocative loneliness. A rabbit image symbolizes a man who tries running away from reality to a fictional world of pleasure. Cuddles are new investments that are invaluable. Nature seems the last available entertainment in this poisoned world full of injustices and restrictions. Nature might be the only one that might give a feeling of security and independence. The blackbird is a symbol of freedom and wisdom although, it symbolizes death flying over the ground like a wish of destroying prohibitions. The fence reminds a cage as an illusion of impossibility to float like the bird. The hare becomes huge and smaller then it duplicates itself as a bacteria. Also, it might be thoughts relation among animals, plants, human beings, and World Wide Web connections. A disease or a poison is spreading the whole ground, particularly in our mind, like a huge fear. The Queen is a symbol of the strength of culture, belief, and duty. The Queen's image appears and disappears as a Gif there is no chance to erase the image from the head as a reminder about social rules and dogmas. This artwork is a confession and relief.

Copeland_Gallery Rabbits love in a space
Copeland_Gallery Rabbits love in a space

Technical task 


Description Image:

Huge glossy digital prints hang on walls next each other evenly remote like a storyboard. Random fuzzy, annoying noise embrace the whole gallery space which creates feeling of anxiety and impossibility to concentrate on images properly.


Description Image 2:

The second space depicts the same project in a way of projection animation on walls. I propose to project few different animations in one place at the same time with cacophony of sounds. I enjoy an idea of projecting videos in random order and movement. For instance, the animation which depicts on the wall might be floating as a river along the walls. Constructions in the middle of the place which remind barriers also fully embraced of noisy digital animation with bright, quickly changeable images and fuzzy, annoying noise spreading the whole space.

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