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Peace or Peace of Blood

The project "Peace or Tears of blood" is a powerful and deeply emotional reflection on the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The use of a plastic transparent figure of a rabbit traveling around the world bleeding with embroidered tears of blood is a striking representation of the pain and suffering experienced by those affected by the conflict.

The fine material and velvety texture of the rabbit figure contrast with the harsh reality of the conflict, highlighting the fragile nature of the human soul and the relationships that are affected by war. The transparency of the figure also reflects the vulnerability of the soul, showing how it is impacted by the environment in which it finds itself.

The embroidery on the figure, which appears to have punctured the material, reinforces the sense of pain and suffering that is being portrayed. The barely readable text on the right ear, which says "МИР" or "PEACE" adds a hopeful element to the piece, suggesting that despite the violence and conflict, there is still a possibility for peace.

Artist Maria Cohen 

Diractor Dmitri Blugrass & Maria Cohen


I am feeling crushed...
I am feeling raped...
I feel like I am dying on my own land... 
There is no future! 
There is no hopeNevertheless!
I still believe in light and humanity!   
I do believe in faith; it helps!
This encourages me to keep up with life and do my work!
I believe people wake up from prolonged dreams to see the light It hurts to see that the empire rotting away and keeps on consuming folks’ lives and souls The destiny to hide freedom in coded messages to a new generation by telling the truth about the servile existence concealed by ephemeral wealth with glitter and scent of money.

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