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Rabbits choice 
The work is exploring of sexual identity through an ongoing process of reproductions and repetitions during the time. The project shows the process of empowering identity through changes that occurred with the artist during the long period of relationships with practice. The work consists of paintings, objects, documentaries, and performances. I am layering paintings, drawings, and sketches one on top of another, intending to fire the curiosity of a viewer within hidden parts of the collage. The Bunny symbolizes a sexual alter-ego and ambiguity of human nature. I deform it making it more comprehensive or, on the opposite, confusing for reading, like sound or invisible vibration.

The installation consists of sketches, drawings, screen-prints, and the painting, which layering one another. The idea is to show the practice through time as an ongoing process of making art through emotions.

"Unfolding Identity"

The series of works include a few stages of deconstruction painting in the space. Every piece is a documentation of interaction between the artist and the painting .

I hang the piece on a. wall. Then I put it on the floor. I found myself covered into the object. I folded it and unfolded it again and again. I had an idea to deconstruct painting itself to destroy the sense of painting as a thing. Then, I moved forward, I engaged with painting imagining it as a sexual act or a dance. I rolled up myself in the painting like a rolled carpet. I felt stuck there, but safe and warm. This feeling reminded me life in comfort and stability which gives warmth and secureness, but the identical voice inside is annoyingly whispered to release.  

The purpose of deconstruction of painting is showing the process of folding and unfolding identity through the exciting erotic engagement between a human being and the painting. Folds like layers symbolized traps through time which no one can impact. It traps itself, but there is only one way to find my voice to keep going unfold identity through the process every day.

Stages of deconstruction painting in the space

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