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I always try to capture a moment  of a physical vibration, shaking and fluctuations which typical for frustration or affectation. I watch it everywhere around wildlife and inanimate things. I catch myself on a thought that I usually deeply feel the engagement among array of things and me. It is the deepest connection with the whole body and the environment around. Indeed, when you can feel and touch  the essence of things. In Baroque that looks like training twists and turning its folds, pushing them to infinity, fold over fold, one upon the other. In my practice I use layers as Baroque's folds like a symbolic attitude to constantly changing events from the routine life. 

It is like a meditation or trance when every controversial part of me merges and lead my hand and eye to a different perspective of view. In every day life I call it as break for a minute for listening a beat of heart, to feel physical skin or bones, to see buffeting of trees and bushes, to see the connection and strongest sexual energy of things around like mannequins in a shop window, or strongest disgusting smell from mix of places at one tiny place.

There is important to watch videos simultaneously with turned sounds on. 

I started experience with filming of myself. I used it previously but never considered it as a part of my practice. I was really embarrassed for using myself as a tool, I used  I saw lots of personal in this type of an action. Eventually, through my practice with animation and using mammals as a symbolic image I am interested in experiencing with my own body through my personal experience as a woman. It's an attempt to understand boundaries of my body. Also, it's a way of awareness of woman's sexuality and how it works in real life and digital. This is a performative way talking about real beauty, spontaneous, mistakes, fears, shyness, emotions.

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