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The War

The digital print depicts a blooded background with three repeated images of rabbits painted in black. This image creates the ambiguous meaning of a creature like a defensive secure shield based on the idea of security or defense by the homeland, diaspora, religion, society, police, and government. On the other hand, it may have a different connotation like a betrayer, a prisoner, a punisher, an insecure place to live, and loss. 


I can see the sun. It is warm and bright. Although, I feel dead. I am in an insecure place. I can feel the hole inside nothing is there, just the dark hole with no light and a bright future. Every shoot, every innocent death feels like blood coming out from my breast, and there is no end to this torture. I hate to be inactive; I feel like I am a disabled person with no right to move. I am paralyzed.


I am Russsian. I am Jewish. I am Ukrainian. I have got brothers, I have got a sister, I have got a mother. I have got a father. I have got grandparents, uncles, and aunts. I have got friends all over the world. My grand-grandparent was Jewish and he was buried alive in Kherson. 


I am feeling crushed. I am feeling raped. I am feeling like I am dying in my homeland. There is no future. There is no hope. Although, I still believe in enlightening and the braveness of the Russian people. I do believe in faith. It helps, It is encouraging me to keep up with my work. I know people will wake up from prolonged - dreams and see the light. It is painful to see when the empire is sinking as a deeply rotten ship takes all life with it. It traps society with no chance to choose the life you want live. The destiny to stuck and suffocate or accept life as a slave saving freedom deep inside in imagination or never even known about it.

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