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Copeland gallery 

Before attending the course, I have already experienced myself as an assistant of a curator and the curator itself. The processes are similar but still different. I was surprised about the organization and strict deadlines, which I found great experience for further development. The organizing process and a very tight schedule taught me to solve issues quickly and find appropriate solutions. 

Also, the exhibition brought me a lot of new acquaintances and made me talk more about my practice.

Now I am preparing a resume for job searching or internships as a gallery assistant or a curator assistant. I intend to get as much as possible experience for a deeper understanding of how the art market works and find networkings for potential collaboration in the long run.

Copeland gallery exhibition 

Residencies, Grands, Funds 

During this year I was looking for opportunities after MA graduation. I made a file Doc where I collect Information about relevant Open Calls, Grands and Funds. I regularly look through links such as: 

After graduation, I will apply for an extension working visa, and in parallel, I will focus on searching for residencies specifically for my research about sexuality. I am keen on continuing working with the sexual identity and developing it further with performative and digital practices, so that is why I urgently need funds and a workplace.

In addition, I am looking through collaboration with musicians, designers, and actors, advertisers who manifest empowering sexuality and gender. I am keen on working with designers focusing on stigmatizing, discrimination, and social exclusion, particularly in Russia. 

Also, I am interested in searching for Grands. Currently, I am selecting suitable applications and label them with deadlines. is really helpful website for that. 

Screenshot from a Google Doc with Open Calls and residencies 

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