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I  hung sketches on the walls, put them on the floor. From time to time I mix them together  or stick them one to another then change there positions. In the centre  pop a black and white collage I  hung the drawing of a naked woman who is sitting on a chair. The figure looks knackered, overwhelmed and exhausted, allthough, it seems that she feels comfortable to be naked  probably it because this condition quite natural  and ordinary for her so that might symbolise confidence, independence and freedom.

Constantly changeable collage in the studio 

I put my drawings on the floor which I drew at home during the quarantine's time. Surprisingly, I realised how different these sketches are but at the same time how similar those in approach and course of lines. Movements still fuzzy and looping but there is more symbolic images appears. I really enjoy how it all works together in spite of the fact that all of those were made from different media and campaigns. I curiously noticed how every step of research impacts on the next one and how it is embodied unexpectedly in quite logical thread through the whole process of work. In addition, embedding of technologies in my practice allows me to rethink the traditional painting and evolve them from other side. 
Also, I am thinking a lot about how to depict all of those artworks together and it is necessary to show the whole bunch of works. I really enjoy the idea of a space is fulfilled of drawings, sketches, digital drawing, paintings as a sort of release through the endless process of frustration, fears and affectation. Basically, every image is a part of the process of cognition of duality, where the process becomes the key meaning rather than the final result.

I am working with collage first. The sketch goes first then collage on the wall. I used papers ink, wipes, sketches, text. I use oil painting as a preparation for a further process of work as a background. I experimented a lot with diverse media such as oil painting, collage and screen printing. I use them all in collaboration among each other. I usually have an idea and research first. Sometimes, thinking through the process helps me to understand critically how my research depicts my artwork and how the artwork depicts the research, therefore both complement each other. Painting is not a luxury but necessary; as necessary as a bread. Possibilities are necessary. "Being, our very existence, becomes a form of political labour."For instance, I have done research about rabbits since I did my first animation in Unit 1 and only now I realised when I was making screen printing that representation of 3 rabbits have slightly different connotation with an image of a single rabbit among diverse cultures and nationalities. Subsequently I transferred print on canvas which is also gave an interesting result quit similar with digital but at the same time not so mechanical and soulless.  

Diverse stages of a developing project 

Painting in process in the studio 
Mixed media: Oil on canvas, screen printing 
Size: 180*140

Interestingly that the original sketch is behind those images. The image represents itself as an expressionistic painting from mixture of such media as watercolour and ink with text at the heart of it. Text is hard to read because of array black spread sports over the space which I found interesting for the idea about cells or about fear to express yourself openly. Indeed, the adjustments reinforce and deform colour, contrast, erasing or highlighting letters which is symbolising changes and impossibility to hide from reality and endless movement of time which is remembered about everything what you say, said or might say. 

It seems curious to me how digital effect reveals hidden energy from the hand-painted sketch. After multiple adjustments it becomes stronger, lesser lyrical and poetic and images become more surreal and futuristic.  

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