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In May 2020, I was in Moscow sitting in my cozy tiny flat fancy equipped with dedication to every centimetre around, furnished with love and attention to details, surrounded by my family in face of my husband, a cat, and a dog. That was the period of Covid first Lockdown, isolation, and a feeling of being locked physically, specifically mentally as it never happened before. It the time to acknowledge the reality, and try to believe that the whole world had changed dramatically and that life will never ever be the same.

I was sitting in a green soft fancy chair. I was trying to acknowledge my body, my existence in the area, and my physicality with objects around me. I thought about the politics of the situation and me as a human being existing in the reality that I have been trapped by the accident. I started thinking about the idea of being imprisoned in spite of the illusion of freedom around so as the prison did not recognize as a cell, and the punishment hadn’t brought visible wounds or scars.

In a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, some of the largest and most protracted protests in post-Soviet history also grabbed headlines.

People took to the streets to protest issues including electoral fraud, corruption and territorial disputes. Gathering despite government-imposed public assembly restrictions, protesters across the region faced off against police — with thousands being injured or jailed as a result.

Tough time for everyone. Lack of understanding of what will happen next. The presence just exists. So, as usual, to start documenting my thoughts and reflecting feelings either illustrations, writing notes, or sketching ideas in tiny paintings cause it helps to collect memories, processing emotions and subconsciously discover new paths to grow and evolve during the time of uncertainty and the feeling of hanging on the edge.


I draw a sketch more like a very little painting with a yellow watercolor background and black ink diluted with water creating multiple tones of grey with expressive brushstrokes, blots, and early visible notes overlaying each other. The yellow I used seems shining and bright, even so in combination with the divorce of grey, it highlights the feeling of anxiety and concern.

I split the picture and doodled the line reminding a fence made from repetitive image of rabbits snuggled each other emphasizing indifference and the invisible barrier to freely choose.

I kept thinking about these creatures and the similarities between human beings and rabbits. Those times I had not thought that the image became the inspiration for Rabbits Choice brand and the philosophy of freedom and the symbolic image of humanity, rights, and choice to be who you are.

Usually, before starting something big I feel lost and weak as I am not sure what to do, where to start, or how to produce. I feel scared to take responsibility for what I create as it is always much bigger than me, it is paralyzing and I am not sure if I could bear that lead the project to the final peace. The fear chains the entire body around when the brain freezes. Engagement with colour, paper, or a canvas is the only way to release. It always goes with the flow like you meet the love of your life and accidentally everything becomes brighter, manageable, and fearless.

I hang sketches on the wall, put them on the floor, or mix them together by sticking drawings, sketches, and objects together. I reinvented used alcohol wipes and trash from the streets putting them randomly one on top of another. I nailed the tiny drawing of a naked woman flattened out on a chair. Her figure looks knackered and overwhelmed, enlightening the beauty to express feelings freely and confidently.

The sensual emotional context is a key to express contemporary life through my identity as a woman. It's like being an animal and not being afraid to approach the truth wearing the mask of an animalistic nature.

Black and white colour is a mark to deny life for two contrasting things. As an animal I can do whatever I want and I will never be punished because beasts a fact out of definitions, perceptions, and social dogmas.

Sensuality and emotions are powerful tools for expressing one's identity and experiences. By tapping into these aspects of ourselves, we can convey a depth and richness of feeling that may be difficult to communicate through words alone. Embracing our animalistic nature can also allow us to tap into a primal energy and authenticity that can be liberating and empowering.

'I am pure blooded embracive duty'

However, it's important to remember that everyone's experiences and expressions of identity are unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. It's also important to consider the cultural and societal context in which we express ourselves, as not all forms of expression may be accepted or understood by others.

Ultimately, finding one's voice and expressing oneself authentically is a journey that requires exploration, experimentation, and self-reflection. By embracing your sensuality and emotions, and tapping into your animalistic nature, you may be able to unlock new dimensions of your identity and express yourself in powerful and meaningful ways.

'I am a dog'

Unique Screenprints

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