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Obviously, that a sensual and emotional context in my practice is a key tool for expressing contemporary life through my own identity as a woman. It's like to be an animal or an approach of accepting your animal's nature. 

Black and white colours is a mark of denial life for two contrast things. If I am an animal I can do whatever I want and I will never be punished because beasts as a fact out of definitions, perceptions and social dogms. 

I hung sketches on walls, put them on the floor or mix them together by sticking drawing, sketches, objects which were used in the process of work or found randomly on streets. In the centre pop a black and white collage I hung the drawing of a naked woman who is sitting on a chair. The figure looks knackered, overwhelmed  and exhausted, although, it because this condition quite natural and ordinary for her, so that might symbolise confidence, independence and freedom.

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